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Potential of project / Published January 15, 2017 by Kiran Timalsena

Kiran Timalsena

Potential of project

The human being relies on fewer plants to feed much of the planet and potential of these plants is at risk due to climate change. Farm land productivity is decreasing day by day due to climate change projections. Unconventional crops which are climate resilient need to be explored in order to feed the increasing population living in variable climatic conditions. Identifying stress-tolerant alternative crops is therefore seen as an important strategy to improve agricultural production, sustain the livelihoods of the poor farmers, reducing the pressure on main crops and a step forward to food security. Similarly on other side there is improper fooding habit which farmers have been following that lacks the basic requirements of mineral nutrients and the malnutrition prevails there. In this situation there is requirement of alternative that can address both of these problems. Chenopodium is a climate resilient weed with potential to add into food security due to very good nutritional value, climate resilience, wide range of adaptability and genetic variability. Some weeds have numerous potentialities but the people are unaware of it. Feed the poor, clearly indicates that the project targets the poor farming community who have enough resources but lack knowledge of their value and their proper use. Chenopodium is one of the weed which have lots of potentialities but is underexploited. People are investing huge amount of their capital in the control of this potentiality bearing weed. Cheopodium has great potentiality of securing fooding habit and also the health status of the people. Only access to enough food does not means food security it also deals with the fulfilment of required micronutrients as well as well-being of health condition also underlies within the food security. Chenpodium has this potentiality to provide all the essential requirements of micronutrients. Similarly it is capable of curing simple diseases to fatal diseases like cancers diabetes and different heart ailments. Similarly it has wide range of marketing potentiality too. Now a day there is increase in awareness of the consumers that certain proportion of their diet should contain the leafy vegetables. Chenopodium may be among one of those best choices of that proportion. Different value added products of Chenopodium can also be made and well marketed. So the only requirement now is to increase the level of knowledge among those people who are rich with resources but are poor with their inability to use it appropriately. We the team feed the poor are mainly focused on awaking people about these potentialities of Chenopodium.