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Feed The Poor

Concept Description / Published January 15, 2017 by Kiran Timalsena

Kiran Timalsena

Concept Description

A country whose 60% GDP comes from agriculture and majority of its citizen relies on Agriculture is where the concept ‘Feed The Poor’ have aroused. One can abide himself from virtual priorities but not from food and hence not from Agriculture too. Agricultural scenario, where 60% of loss occurs due to weed infestation, the same percentage can strengthen the backbone. ‘Feed the poor’ aims at strengthening that backbone of agriculture by utilizing weeds as a product or say raw material. Chenopodium a weed distributed all over the world withholds that beneficial aspect within itself which can, not only help fulfil the food requirement but secure the demand. We visualise developing that marketing scenario of this discarded weed and finest and cheapest technologies which can refine the weed as flour used to bake pancakes in global level.