Keeping the Main Thing, The Main Thing by
Omnes Farmilee (OF)

Keeping the Main Thing, The Main Thing / Published January 18, 2017 by Samuel Enochoghene

Samuel Enochoghene

Keeping the Main Thing, The Main Thing

Here at OmnesFarmilee, we believe that keeping the main thing, the main thing is central to feeding the expected 9.6 billion people in the world. and as a result we are building our activities and products around holistic human well being.
This informs our choice of a five(5) finger approach - (simulating the perfection in the human hand):
1. Multi-directional Education - We Teach as well as learn from those we teach
2. Zero - Waste: Nothing is waste, No one is useless - this is our ideology and we make it our practice
3. The Environment: Putting People's well being and that of the environment first in all that we do
4.Smart Farming - use of cheap but reliable sensors, accurate data analysis etc
5. Sustainability