THE SMART SOIL / Published April 29, 2018 by Lopamudra Mukherjee

Lopamudra Mukherjee


Humans and domestic animals are totally dependent on food produced by agriculture in the prices which thrives on the soil, we as a student of science will develop a discrete self -sufficient soil system to sustain the environment and increase productivity for the future generations.
We care about the wellness of the agro ecosystem in a holistic manner because this system is being manipulated in such a way which has tremendous advance impact on the environment and the living organism. We focus on the degradation and pollution of soil and soil water .We know that the soil is the source of water and nutrients for the plant growth which is being polluted by overuse of chemicals fertilizers and agrochemicals during last 6 decades. The soil in its present status will not sustain adequate food security for the future generation.
Keeping the focal point in mind we have developed a smart soil system which is auto nourishing in respect of all plant nutrient auto regulating water storage foe optimum plant growth. This smart soil will be composed of microbiological population thriving for nutrient mineralization for their own nutrition and plant nutrient availability. The Smart soil is composed of unique combination of super absorbent bio material decomposable organic matters. A structural support and sufficient microbial activity.