#Zero Hunger,#No Poverty.....its not a myth,its achievable. by

#Zero Hunger,#No Poverty.....its not a myth,its achievable. / Published April 30, 2018 by mwaka mwenda evans

mwaka mwenda evans

#Zero Hunger,#No Poverty.....its not a myth,its achievable.

according to food and agricultural organisation 1.5% of food is lost during harvest and on field as farmers do not have direct link with immediate buyers,this causes delay of produce in the fields leading to wastage of 5% of harvested produce and 10% of harvested food are lost in the stores to actions of pest and diseases as buyers opt to store as they wait for buyers,food is always stored to buy more time for buyers and yet the longer they stay in the stores the more they are lost.
Agrovest reduces the food loss during the field waiting and storage time by providing an alternative quick route for transaction in real time through the cheap,reliable and qucik offline platform which helps local farmers link to buyers and vice versa,as well link farmers to nearest qualified registered transport agents to help reduce on losses due to poor handling during transportation.
with the offline platform the 5% & 10 % food loss are transformed into 15% income profit for small holders farmers and more household food.and as well the surplus can be used to feed unproductive areas.
hence proper planning and a more organised system in production,distribution and consumption will help us minimise and eradicate food wastage in fields,store units and market places.this can be done by having a more organised accessible link between the different parties involved in the agricultural food chain,this means right from grass root farmers,local buyers,urban buyers,logistics and other support systems need to be organised,through this we can eradicate poverty & hunger and archieve the UN Sustainability Develoment Goal of zero Hunger and No poverty and still have enough food to feed the ever growing population and that is what AGROVEST stands for.#Zero Hunger#No Poverty