Selling our Idea ''The pitch'' by

Selling our Idea ''The pitch'' / Published May 3, 2018 by Robert Sande

Robert Sande

Selling our Idea ''The pitch''

As our idea was now known to many users, and every member of the team happy that we are almost their, we gathered ourselves up to make it count. We started by refreshing up with a look back about the entire process from introduction to where we are now. This almost made some of us shed tears of joy as there was a lot of ups and downs but thank God this is the time to shine to the world.

We wrote different story lines and scripts to use in our pitch video ooh God there was a lot of laughter around the room as we cheered ourselves to the Hollywood wannabes.
After several rounds of practice, Cleus emerged the best Hollywood actor and of course he won the Oscar to present our pitch.
Get ready to feed the world by 2050!