INSIGHT+INSIGHT+INSIGHT / Published May 6, 2018 by Ganesa



In define mode we found insight:
a. Biochar: Carbon resources obtained from biomass pyrolisis. Our biochar made from oil palm bunches biomass residue. The function of Biochar is maximize plant growth, maximize stability, maximize water retention, and also minimize leaching.
b. Nutrient: We made Nutrient from rice bran. In 1 kilograms rice bran containing N 0.6%; C 14%;C/N 23.33; P 56mg/kg, Ca 0.12%; Mg 1.8%. The function is to give nutrition for plant and increasing microbe activity.
c.Soil Surfactant: Soil Surfactant made from anionic surfactant called DEA (Diethanolamide) of palm kernel oil. Soil surfactants can be used to improve the wettability of soil for increasing irrigation efficiency and significant water conservation in crop and landscape systems.