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ECOGEN MEAT CONCEPT / Published May 7, 2018 by Clement Kandodo

Clement Kandodo


Ecogen has well professional qualified and passionate team that strive to come up with ideas for a better world. The team is very qualified in the field of agriculture, social enterprise, business management, marketing and communications. Having being part of the TFF program will enable us to broaden our knowledge and skills on how we can roll off our social business. This will also be an opportunity for us to find mentor and investors who will help us both financially and advisory.

To satisfy customers with consistent quality white meat products and service. Profitability and growth to be achieved through optimum product mix, efficient production, humane animal treatment and employee development in a safe and supportive work environment.

• Ending hunger by helping farmers with resources and trainings to be able to produce enough food to feed their families.
• Alleviating poverty by being given access to larger markets for their farm produce and able to get enough profits from the poultry farming
• Building entrepreneurs- the training given to them will build in them entrepreneurial mind-set, hence creating more jobs

EcoGen wants to develop modern white meat ,abattoir and refrigerated transport services that ensure proper slaughter, carcass preparation and preservation of chicken meat and products which will be made possible by engaging rural youth and women small scale farmers. They will be taught how to conduct profitable farming methods, given access to larger markets through our distribution system, and will be invited to participate in contract farming concept and through our Rural Partnership Model. This shall create a win-win platform for the low income rural farmer, for us, and for the consumer. Providing a consistent supply of high quality chicken meat to market will thereby alleviate supply constraints faced by small holder farmers, leading to a reduction in poverty and hunger at large.

Rural-Partnership Model (RPM) equips women, and youth in remote rural areas with training and resources needed for them to become agri-entrepreneurs. We will be partnering with already established and successful entrepreneurs in rural communities in Malawi, for rearing and marketing local poultry for individuals and corporate entities. We will be giving each entrepreneur 200 baby chicks, feed and medication. We will be recruiting young qualified veterinarians as franchise holders to provide animal health services to farmers. We shall be buying 90% of the eggs and local chickens produce from the entrepreneurs every week leaving 10% for them to feed their families. They shall then be processed and sold at retail value and whole sale to customers.

Our main aim is to build an economically and physically resilient generation that can contribute effectively to the development of Malawi and the world at large by providing them with the best quality fresh white meat and white meat products (mainly indigenous poultry). With our rural partnership model, we plan and aim to support 3000 Malawian agri-entrepreneurs by 2022 who will be making informed decisions in their agricultural journey. We also want to create 350 job opportunities by 2022, alleviating poverty but also increasing food security in Malawi.

A social business that processing chicken meat by partnering with already established and successful entrepreneurs in rural communities.

Indigenous chickens’ meat processing, market linkages, value addition


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