Job to be done in food consumption by

Job to be done in food consumption / Published May 7, 2018 by Andres Felipe Solis Montoya

Andres Felipe Solis Montoya

Job to be done in food consumption

"Job to be done" is a theory for the underestanding o what motivates a customer to buy one product.

Regarding the food and nutrition, in Bixa we tried to find what motivates people to buy or produce a specific food.

We found two potential customers with several contexts; End user and food/farming industry.

The end user is a customer that every time is seeking for more nutricious, natural and tasty food for him/her or his/her family. But due to the current lifestyle good nutrition is every time mor difficult to achieve.
The found the following Jobs to be done in end users:

*Necesity of good nutrition but lack of time to buy, prepare and/or cook.
*Necesity to have some natural food, but because of its seasonality or origin is difficult to get.
*People that constantly waste food because is rotten before consumption.
*People that need to add an specific flavor or nutrition suplement to other food.

Regarding the food/farming industr, we found the following Jobs to be done:

*To give an added value to farming products not suitable for export.
*To reduce costs in transport and/or storage
*To increase the lifetime without preservatives or freezing.

As we see, both customers need teh food and nutrition, but they might have different reasons that motivate their consumption.

We found in the dried powdered food, an alternative to fulfill these requirements.