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Design Thinking Coaching / Published October 16, 2014 by Staci Sutermaster

Staci Sutermaster

Design Thinking Coaching

Erin and Richard were a huge help to the team today. We received great feedback on our newly revised design statement. The goal is to focus more on the imagined end user, getting creative with name, age, country, and other specifics. Although an income generating activity is needed, it would be best to rephrase along the lines of "farmers need to generate income." GRO is an established venture, so we have several insights about agriculture efficiency that apply to specific countries in Africa (Cameroon, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Sierra Leone) - something that we did not highlight. This was only referenced generally.

Additionally, the team had questions revolving around several other badges involving prototyping and logo designing. Even though we have a solid prototype being sold, both Erin and Richard were helpful to point out that reverse engineering this could produce great insights into potential modifications that may be needed for different contexts in the future. This will be great to keep new and old members of the team current on GRO and the ventures progress. Our logo has been designed and approved, however, the team is currently working with Penn State graphic design students who have new ideas. GRO will definitely try to document this collaboration and share some sweet pictures.