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Global Foodies / Published October 17, 2014 by Nqobizitha Nyakunu

Nqobizitha Nyakunu

Global Foodies

The team went out to interact with the youth and a lot of findings were made most of them complementing each other, so the team came up with three interesting facts:

[1] Fading Eco-culture of agriculture - Due to modernization people have since moved their attention to cultural life practices of an African being highly agrarian. Now the youth are facing towards buying food which somehow is not healthy and causes a division of classes: the wealthy and the poor.

[2] Economy and unemployment - many youths are unemployed and because of the failing economy that is unstable for jobs to be given. This forces the youth to continuously roam the city streets in search of jobs, to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, they look away from agriculture. With counselling and training we can teach them to try agriculture for self-employments and food production.

[3] Obesity - is caused by the junk food eaten by the wealthy people and the poor fail to buy the food and stay in starvation. With prominent farming, mass production of food can be obtained then prices for food can be cheaper and affordable for the poor, finally everyone will be fed healthy food.