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Insight + Insight + Insight / Published November 22, 2014 by Igor Ciambelli Soares de Oliveira

Igor Ciambelli Soares de Oliveira

Insight + Insight + Insight

During the Define work mode, team Rooty Roofs defined some useful insights that can contribute to the development of our Project. It’s really nice to mention that this step of Design Lab was a milestone for us once we started to realize that our Project could be a big enterprise in a near future. The most relevant insights concerning the scope of Rooty Roofs’ Project are:

• Enhance nutritional security, not just food security. The main idea is to prioritize the qualities of the food. We have to search for more freshness, nourishments, vitamins instead of empty calories in huge amounts of food that can’t provide you the essential nutrients.
• Shortening the distance between producers and consumers. The target is to reduce the costs of regular food in order to provide cheaper alimony for people that can’t afford it.
• Support Market & Value chains for low-income producers and consumers. It’s striking the necessity of making this happen. This producers are responsible for a huge part of the human feeding. We have to support this cause.