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Expert input / Published December 6, 2014 by Sofya Abramchuk

Sofya Abramchuk

Expert input

In order to improve our idea and refine it, a month ago we spoke to an expert, an architect and a teacher of 3D design, Katia Blankenstein. Ms. Blankenstein has lived in South Africa as well has an extensive knowledge about organic food, hydroponic systems and framing in Africa. This is why, at the end of the talk with her, we decided to gear our concept towards a concept of a well being a connecting point for two communities and teaching by example, instead of teaching with a kit (some sort of a book). This was incredibly useful, as Ms. Blankenstein commented on the essential need of water in African countries in the first place, which made us realise that this is the first thing we need to provide. Having water will mean that there are going to be enough means for irrigation of the farm, as a lot of water is usually spilled out during the use of the well. Also, the idea of a circular farm, and different stages of production allow us to create a tailored system for each community, not only to provide food to people, but also explore their economic potential, creating new living patterns.