On Time, On Target: Our Design Statement by

On Time, On Target: Our Design Statement / Published December 7, 2014 by Lamia Anwar Shama

Lamia Anwar Shama

On Time, On Target: Our Design Statement

In low-income countries, food is wasted mostly during the early and middle stages of the food supply chain; much less food is wasted at the consumer level. More than 70% of population in these countries are dependent on agriculture for their survival, but in the warm climate, long distances and poor communications, almost half of their grown fruit and vegetables are ultimately lost.

This huge post-harvest losses result from inadequate means of preservation and the lack of cheap solutions for the problem. To feed the 9 billion people, we need to minimize this loss by preserving & keeping fresh what is already grown: less food loss means more food available in markets, on tables and in mouths. Given that many smallholder farmers in developing countries live on the margins of food insecurity, a reduction in food losses could have an immediate and significant impact on their livelihoods and be an effective & affordable solution to hunger & food insecurity.