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Statistics of India and similar developing countries / Published November 16, 2015 by Aashi Narula

Aashi Narula

Statistics of India and similar developing countries

India , although a country with an astonishing growth rate but the development has been uneven. The gap between the rich and poor is widening day by day , the rich is becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer and with the rapid increase in the prices of food has made it difficult to even have one complete meal in one day.
Just like India many other developing nations mostly in Asia face the same problem.
So, what is the main reason for the increased price of food ?
The reasons are threel fold
1) Although farmers who grow sell their grain and produce for very less prices but the traders and the middle-mans in between take their profit and increase the price as much as 200-300%. This way making it difficult for the poor to buy.
2) The farmers being poor ,unaware and illiterate sell their produce at extremely less prices , lesser than the market rate because they are already in debt. And this way are not able to save and hence become poor and more poor .
3) Increased wastage during storage and transportation which decreases the quality and quantity of the produce and hence increases the price

About 60% of total land in India is aereable and because of the problems faced by farmers they are not able to give good production output and hence the agricultural sector is able to provide only 14 % of the GDP. Similar to India,countries like Thailand , Malaysia ,Pakistan , Sri Lanka etc are facing very similar problems.