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Getting Expert Perspective / Published November 22, 2015 by Numaya Illma

Numaya Illma

Getting Expert Perspective

Team Kaleidoscope met with Dr.Mian Sayeed Hasan, post- harvest loss expert of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council(BARC).After hearing out our plan, he agreed that lack of knowledge and communication between the store houses does create shortage and surplus of food at different places in the same time frame.And this leads to a lot of wastage and losses.If the information can be made readily available for people, this wastage can be avoided.
We got in touch with Ashraful Alam, Software Architect, and asked about his thought on our project.He said that if we can make the uploading and downloading of data easy for users our project would be very much feasible.
We also had a meeting with A.T.M. Jakaria Khan lecturer ,IBA,University of Dhaka.He advised us to make information available not only through smart phone app but also through sms for feature phone users which we intend to do.These feedbacks were a great help for us.