Filming by
Hub City

Filming / Published November 24, 2015 by Jon Baay

Jon Baay


Today Hub City became filmmakers! With the help of Bailey, our cinematographer, the team shot footage for the video, which spans among 3 different locations. These locations all provided a context with which to present our concept - including a greenhouse and two of our workspaces where we hashed out the nitty-gritty details of the SolCor idea. Although it took a lot of prep to be "film ready," our background knowledge and research gave us the ability to convey our idea in a clear way - with minutes to spare before we had to go back to class!

However, there is still work to do on the horizon. Editing and post production will be a challenge over the Thanksgiving break, but it's clear that our project is coming along nicely so far. With the written work delegated, all Hub City needs to do is sprint down the home stretch.

With all the information about our design on video, we look forward to the judges being able to watch our hard work as it unfolds on screen.