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Expert Input / Published January 9, 2016 by Nishita Agrawal

Nishita Agrawal

Expert Input

Experts, mostly professors in our case, played a significant role in helping us shape our product. Through constant feedback from them, we were able to refine our idea, and jot down all the necessary details of our product which would truly make it user-friendly as well as optimize its functionality.

1.) “In your logo, I would say include your tag line, because it really captures the fundamental idea of what your application is trying to do. Once any company or customer would understand the product in detail, that tag line will serve as an excellent tool for word-of-mouth marketing for your product as well.”- Graphic Designer

2.) “Make use of the fact that your application functions via retail stores where people purchase these food items. Leverage the fact that companies are always on a look out for good publicity and engaging in something like this gives them the required element of corporate social responsibility as well.” – An Economics Professor

3.) “Your application would serve well for say one retail store, but what if I visit several stores in the same day, or say in the same week to purchase groceries from multiple stores if one store does not have what I require. How would I use this application to truly track ALL of my groceries? Because for this tracking system to be truly useful to me, I have to be able to maintain a universal profile of some sorts.”- Product Management Professor