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A helping hand / Published January 9, 2016 by Keron Bascombe

Keron Bascombe

A helping hand

As you know I've been promoting our team via our supporting facebook page, Go Green and Stay Cool & we all know team Nutrigel is one of only three teams from the Caribbean. It's tough as we not only wish to be in the competition but we want others from our part of the world there as well! In the end we only got three teams.

And then bad news hit as one of the teams could not function due to other commitments leaving its brave captain all on her own. Having shown that passion and dedication to start a team showed a lot so we've added her to our team.

Janielle is a passionate young woman who really wishes to make a difference in the world. She comes to Team Nutrigel with expertise in agribusiness and biodiversity conservation which goes hand in had with our product! She's perfect - WELCOME!!!