Insight +Insight + Insight........let's add one more! by

Insight +Insight + Insight........let's add one more! / Published January 10, 2016 by Rudi Browne

Rudi Browne

Insight +Insight + Insight........let's add one more!

During this session, these three insights were highlighted

1. Jeanette noted that WES-4G discovered that peer training was more effective than us just training the youths. It should be a collaborative effort. Youths are more responsive and encourage their peers. Therefore, peer training should be incorporated in our planning.

2. Jason was concerned that currently Trinidad and Tobago’s economy is in recession and there should be a strong drive towards self-sufficiency among low income households. Agricultural production should be encouraged to help mitigate the effects of high food prices during recession.

3. Antoinette considered diversifying the use of the waste material. The growing medium could also be used for seedling/nursery production, plant propagation and livestock litter.

4. We all agreed that we would conduct a pilot project where the 4-H club youths and agricultural students at a selected school would produce the growing medium from the discarded breakfast cardboard boxes. It would be distributed to interested persons/households and the excess would be sold to farmers, landscapers and organisations. Revenues would be pumped back into the project and it is expected that this project would then be expanded to other schools across the nation.

What an insight!