New trend of collaborative economy by

New trend of collaborative economy / Published January 14, 2016 by Bruno Gabriel Alves

Bruno Gabriel Alves

New trend of collaborative economy

The main economic trend of the 21st century is the collaborative economy. When connecting unknown with common interests and needs, social networking applications and facilitate for sharing and exchange of services and objects on an unprecedented scale.
For this reason, who assigns the collaborative economy the power to reduce waste, increase efficiency in the use of natural resources, combat consumerism and to reduce social inequality in the world.
But there is no doubt, for now, the power of collaborative economy to foster the sharing based businesses. Proof of this is that the Airbnb platform - offering vacant rooms and rental properties Rentals - now has a market value higher than the big hotel chains such as Hyatt. Only in 2015, the collaborative ventures handled over $ 110 billion worldwide, according to Forbes magazine.
One of the most favorable points to the spread of collaborative economy is to be a useful model for both the giver and for those who hire a service. In collaborative economy can be eliminated middlemen and the costs of a formal structure of trade.
So the collaborative economy is a new trend and we can apply this to feeding. So how would be the dynamics of the food trade on this new economy? In this new environment that Freefood wants to act changing the current paradigms of feeding.