Reginald Victor Runyoro

Arusha, Arusha RegionTanzania

Organization: Leo Leo Eco-Transport

Position: Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Team: Arusha_Eco-Transport

Reginald Victor Runyoro has over four years of experience in community engagement, social entrepreneurship, design thinking and sustainable tourism. Currently, Reginald is the Co-founder and the Managing Director for Tanzania Green Eco-Tours and Travel Limited, branding as Tanzania GET Safaris based in Arusha Region, Tanzania. Reginald focus on building sustainable mutual relationships potential partners and stakeholders to create a smooth sustainable progress. Reginald holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology, History and Sociology from Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa and a Certificate in Wildlife Management from WildlifeCampus in Johannesburg, South Africa where he focused on proposing strategic ways of mitigating and adapting to the increase of climate change and environmental awareness to the surrounding of Grahamstown and Paterson in South Africa. Reginald is driven by the passion of sustainable travel and tourism principles that opt achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Arusha Region, Tanzania. Reginald hopes to incarnate socioeconomic and environmental awareness to the local community to solve challenges that affect Arusha Region Community members. Volunteering and developing innovative problem solutions in our society has been an inside value that sparked my amazing journey of effective civic leadership, social entrepreneurship and environmental awareness.