Mohamed Hassan

Mogadishu, BanadirSomalia

Organization: Dhaqan Wanaag Institute for Leadership

Position: Executive Director

Team: Hormar Wanaagsan (Good Future)

Youth activist based in Mogadishu, Somalia, grew up and studied in London, England but returned home to Somalia after 21 years away when the Federal Government of Somalia was formed on 2012 to participate in the rebuilding of Somalia. Executive Director of DhaqanWanaag Institute for Leadership, a youth organization based in Somalia. Dhaqan Wanaag, which translates to “Good Behaviour” was formed with like-minded young professionals to give platforms to young leaders in Somalia. Mohamed has implemented and finalized many projects including UNDP funded YOUTH4CHANGE project where youths with militia activities where provided with key skills. Mohamed was a speaker for Somali youth at the UNDP Youth Strategy Launch in Tunis, Tunisia and has also participated in the UN Arab Regional Youth Consultative Forum in Amman, Jordan amongst many other youth conferences around the world. A keen writer, Mohamed runs a blog on – dedicated to Somali Diaspora youth who are only now heading home to Somalia for the first time or after many years away. Moga Tribune possesses many readers within the Somali community with such articles as the “8 commandments for Diasporas returnee” going viral in 2014.