Clayton Bolton

Kingston , Jamaica

Organization: Jamaica Constabulary Force

Position: Police Constable

Team: YOUNG & Brilliant

Clayton Bolton is a Police Officer by Profession. A Member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Clayton is an Integrity Ambassador, a Climate Change Action Agent, a Government Official by virtue of employment, a Student of the University of the West Indies, Mona pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Political Science. Clayton is very passionate about education and youth development. Clayton is a Motivational Speaker, Peer Educator, and Attendance & Prescribed Officer under the education Act of Jamaica by law. Clayton has struck a perfect balance in applying the good discipline’s and morals principles he learned within his professional and social life. He understands the powerful combination of education and discipline. Despite having a professional career, Clayton still finds the time to volunteer. Today he is a volunteer at the Jamaica Intensive Reading Clinic that aims to obliterate illiteracy among our nation’s children, Shashamane Sunrise which is a volunteer network in Africa and developing countries. Both initiative focus on making a difference through education and meaningful volunteerism. Clayton embraces the dynamics within leadership, enjoys experiencing educational authenticity and is spontaneously creative in making the people around him feel empowered in achieving their dreams. Still in his twenties, Clayton is known to be a role model, an optimist, a bold and determine person. He lives with an outgoing and positive view of life. His keynote presentations are as genuine as they are inspirational. His secret is to appreciate everything life has to offer and to always be the best version of himself despite the many social and economic challenges.