Zjef Van Acker

Gent, Oost-VlaanderenBelgium

Team: AMI's farm lab

Zjef combines his passion for vertical farming with the passion for collaboration to help transform our society into a healthy ecosystem. If you ask him if he believes in Utopia, he will give you a very philosophical answer that makes complete sense. That’s why, after Finishing his studies as an applied Bio-engineer in 2012, Zjef embarked on his vertical farming quest. It has been an adventurous road and you can read parts of that adventure on this blog. Zjef puts his love and passion into online education, organising events, collaborations & doing research. Het did this for a very long time with the Association for Vertical Farming, an international non-profit which enabled him to travel the world and meet awesome like minded and not like minded people. Now he is focusing more on the local food scene by being chairman of GroeiNEST and a core team member of Urban Farming Ghent. He is also co-founder of “The 12 steps to become an Urban or Vertical Farmer“. The 12 steps is a collection of structured video interviews with many pioneering farmers around the world. As a short term dream, Zjef is also looking to startup a pilot mushroom farm in Gent via the AMI-principle.