Murilo Bettarello

Franca, Sao pauloBrazil

Organization: Izagro

Position: Ceo- startup

Team: IZagro

Murilo is an agronomist and partner of ViaVerde consultancy for tropical agriculture, working with NGO´s, farmers and government across Brazil and into other countries in South America. His projects focus on delivering productivity, profitability and quality of life improvements for his clients and the sector. Key clients include companies and NGO’s like Solidaridad, WWF (WorldWild Fundation), Imaflora and Global Coffee Platform. Over the past 16 years, ViaVerde and Murilo have trained and helped more than 2000 agriculture professionals (eg. agronomists, technical support and farmers) to adopt good production practices and improve productivity following the Sustainable Development Goals. Seeing opportunities in the AgTech digital start-up space to assist family farms connect and share relevant information in a cost effective way, Murilo founded and is the CEO of IZagro. This digital platform uses cellular and internet networks to deliver and connect knowledge and information between farmers, especially relevant for smaller family farmers, who aren’t as readily serviced by the ag advice industry. Established in May 2016, IZagro achieved 20,000 users in Brazil and Latin America in the first nine months of business.