Natalia Avila Angel

Cali, Valle del CaucaColombia

Organization: Walking Tree Travel

Position: Colombia Country Director


Born in Cali Colombia, nestled in a family-oriented, tropical environment surrounded by dance and nature, she grew up between two countries during her childhood and youth: Ecuador and Colombia. From a very young age she developed strong skills in intercultural understanding, particularly between Latin American sister nations. Through her passion and talent in athletics, she has had opportunities to travel to many different countries and cities in South America. Natalia studied at a university in Germany, which allowed her to travel around Europe, where she experienced a vast array of countries and Western cultures. Natalia later pursued a master's degree in social studies in Holland, focusing on sustainable development and environmental studies. She completed research on natural biosphere reserves in the Ecuadorian Amazon and the issues facing indigenous communities there. After many adventures and experiences, Natalia fell in love with Ecuador's natural and cultural diversity and lived and worked in several different places along the coast, highlands / mountains and Amazon regions of the country. Currently she lives in Colombia looking to dedicate herself to the realization of socio-environmental projects.