Andrew Baskin

Davis, CAUnited States of America

Advancing from volunteer positions with Soil Born Farms in Sacramento to guiding collaborative projects as a senior apprentice and agritourism ambassador at Manresa Restaurant's Love Apple Farm in Santa Cruz, Andrew continued his travels as an independent scholar across Western Europe (England, Scotland, Wales, Holland, France, & Italy) studying community food systems for two months on a shoestring, and finally returned stateside to a vermicomposting farm in Sonoma. Inspired to invest again in formal education after waiting tables at Ella Dining Room & Bar in Sacramento and Tucos Wine Market & Cafe in Davis, Andrew is now a senior undergraduate majoring in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems with emphasis in Economics, Policy, and Education. Simultaneously, he serves as Student Representative to both the UC Davis Agricultural Sustainability Institute's External Advisory Board as well as to the Sustainable Agriculture Education Association's Steering Council. In a similar leadership role, Andrew has served on a transdisciplinary task force of students, collaboratively designing and facilitating a student-led "Alternatives in Agriculture" seminar - both coordinating and moderating multiple discussion panels concerning sustainable agriculture education and integrating many perspectives throughout various stages of the process. Pioneering original undergraduate research with departmental honors as a McNair Scholar with the support of his faculty mentors Professor Tom Tomich and Professor Ryan Galt, Andrew was selected for funding from the UC Davis Undergraduate Research Center and College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Dean's Circle along with the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture to present his research nationwide at four conferences -- hosted by UC Davis, UC Berkeley, North Carolina State University, and Ohio State University. At these gatherings and many others, Andrew has forged strong connections with scholars and professionals at the forefront of education, research, and development in sustainable food systems. As a change-agent impassioned to educate and empower, Andrew recognizes our food system as a nexus linking complex issues regarding sustainability and is committed to putting knowledge into action. He has immense appreciation for the movement driving this educational paradigm shift, and intends to pursue doctoral study in sustainability science. Working to understand larger-scale structural intervention processes aimed at leveraging change toward sustainability within complex systems and organizations, Andrew's educational interests integrate innovative thinking and strategic competency building to substantively address real-world urgencies and incredibly complex challenges that society inevitably now faces.