Andrea Carolina Batarse

College Station, TexasUnited States

I'm a sophomore undergrad at Texas A&M, born in Houston, TX, to loving parents and two wonderful older siblings. Having observed my grandfather’s efforts to combat such high levels of poverty in Central America through sustainable agriculture methods, I developed a passion for service at a young age. My previous involvement in international service outreach programs influenced my decision to apply as a director for the MSC L.T. Jordan Institute for International Awareness and as a member of MSC Freshman Leadership International during my freshman semester at Texas A&M University. As director of the International Service Program at MSC L.T. Jordan, I was able to develop community outreach programs and assist in sending Rural Public Health students to the Dominican Republic and Geoscience and Life Science students to Belize. As a member of MSC FLI, I was able to volunteer with LifeCycles, an organization that helps refugees assimilate to the United States. My involvement with LifeCycles exposed me to the insufficient education programs and education materials in refugee camps. Inspired by LifeCycles and my passion for quality education, two FLI alum and I are currently busy at work as Entrepreneurs in Residence at Startup Aggieland! We hope to create a social good company that sells refugee inspired merchandise and then donates a percentage of the proceeds to quality education for children in refugee camps. I hope to work at the Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture at some point in my college career. I also hope to attain a Masters in Agricultural Development in order to promote agricultural sustainability practices in third-world countries. I aim to take my Foreign Service Exam to become a diplomat and work my way up to ambassadorship at the United Nations for the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization).