Syeda Shehtaz Hasib

Dhaka, DhakaBangladesh

Craft enthusiast at heart, Syeda Shehtaz Hasib is the founder of "Doodlecraft:Online Arts and Handicrafts Start-up since 2013. Her passion for handicrafts has turned into a small entity serving in her home city. If anyone wants something unique Doodlecraft is the place to go! Apart from her studies she is also active in other extracurricular activities.She received "RFL Inspiring Women Award: Honorable Mention in Future Leaders of Tomorrow" – An Initiative of Brand Forum in 2015 and also "Honorable Mention" in Bangladesh International Model United Nations(BiMUN). One of her school life achievements were receiving a certificate for illustrating a story book in "Amar Boi Ami Likhi"- Save the Children in 2007.She has active interest in social works,reading and traveling. She plans to be a successful entrepreneur where she will have the ability to create jobs for several craft enthusiast people like her in her home country.