Setyaningsih Yuni

Wageningen, GelderlandNetherlands

Yuni Setyaningsih is currently a master student of International Development Studies in Wageningen University, Netherlands. She is highly passionate on communication, community development, social entrepreneurship, teaching, journalistic, vocal, and photography. Her personalities -sociable, enterprising, artistic, persuasive, and empathy- enable her to join a wide range of activities. She was selected as Fema ambassador where she organized many events concerning on human ecology. She was also one of Gus Yuk Tourism Ambassador of Mojokerto and LFAD Anti-Drugs Ambassador. She frequently was invited to be guest speakers to motivate youngsters. The value of sharing inspires her tremendously which then led her to receive American President’s Volunteer Service Award: Bronze Medal for doing over 100 hours of voluntary work. She is keen on the world of teaching hence she involved in educating children from disadvantage backgrounds in Sanggar Juara as The Head of English Division. Moreover, she devoted herself to involve in various student organizatitions in the campus as well as NGO. As professional experience, she worked as presenter in various events and station televisions. Later experience, she worked as forestry consultant collaborating with national and international governmental and private companies to improve the quality of gumrosin, turpentine, and other non-wood products.