Nowshin Mehzabin Chowdhury

Dhaka, BangladeshBangladesh

I am studying in North South University, majoring in Accounting and Finance. I have finished my high school with concentration in Accounting, Economics and Mathematics under the Edexcel (UK).My field of interest is development sector which is why I have involved myself with the development sector enrolling under several Non Profit Organizations. I have been engaged in voluntary service since last two years. My work is mostly youth based. I had registered myself as a volunteer in ActionAid Bangladesh in the year 2013. Initially, I worked as their Documentation Coordinator for youth wing,Activista .Afterwards, I started attending field activities, campaigns and workshops on gender, governance, policy making etc. I am a member of discussion board on United Nations Post 2015 agendas and Sustainable Development Goals under UNV. Since 2014, I am an active member of UN Youth Advisory Panel (UNYAP) and United Nations Editorial Board on Youth. I possess skills in writing and blogging and recently designed a website for UNYAP Bangladesh that will be public by 2016. Through my university, ActionAid, UNYAP, UNV and other engagements ,I have access to thousands of rural and urban youth all over the country .We often hold trainings and sessions to exchange information and knowledge. From UNYAP, we organize many national youth related events throughout the year which includes from collecting data, surveys to logistic work.Besides, I am head of Public Relations at one of my university clubs where I affiliate with several organizations for knowledge sharing within students. I am working with Junior Chambers International (JCI) on community development and a member of Women professional Network by Bangladesh Brand Forum. I am currently working in ‘Employment’ project 2015 under UNYAP, associated with UNFPA and ILO to make the opportunities, grants data etc. more accessible for youth and youth start ups joining workforce in Bangladesh. Being an editor of UN Youth magazine and UNYAP website, I collect, reproof and edit articles from several youth organizations and individuals. My recent mention worth experiences include ‘The Tax Tracking Project 2014’ by Action Aid Denmark (Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke) on August 2014. This was a campaign organized by Action Aid Denmark to spread the tax awareness in Denmark and learn to imply it in our countries. It consisted of two weeks in Ten Danish Cities and covering ten organizations , blogging etc. ending with a seminar, discussion and speech in the Danish Parliament along with three Danish politicians from three political parties. I am working as volunteer and training facilitator at Global Platform , Action Aid Bangladesh on issues like Tax Justice, Feminism, Youth empowerment, non violent activism etc. In December 2014, I had won The Telenor Youth Summit 2014 from Bangladesh among 600 contestants all over the country by creating an idea to make safer society for women and fight for violence against women with my project ‘First Lady’, a helpline, USSD, mobile phone app to fight for violence against women in terms of public harassment and domestic violence with support of law enforcement and local NGOs . The project is proposed to BRAC, for implementation. I attended the summit in Oslo along with the Nobel Prize Awards ceremony other events associated with it.