Carla Alvarez

Mexico, MexicoMexico

Carla is a Mechatronic Engineer, graduate from Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Me xico. She is fluent in 3 languages, as well as having a passion in learning other languages. She has participated in a myriad of roles throughout her academic stay. Such as, technical board of the faculty of engineering and made countless decisions regarding the academic curriculum. Communication is paramount to her in order for the technical boards success. Her opulence in leadership can be attributed to the fact that she is a naturally a sociable person. She fosters positive changes that make the University a better place. Carla has been working diligently in promoting the leadership in UNAM, for example, often contributing to talks surrounding entrepreneurship. Volunteering has been paramount to her involvement in school, constantly giving up her personal time for a worthwhile cause. Thus, this has helped enrich her academic and her personal life. She is currently working in Instituto Naciona l De Geriatria, developing a virtual reality system to combat those who suffer from memory loss. Her current job exhibits the great fervor towards helping others no matter what it entails. Honesty and integrity can be attributed to her persona. In addition, passion, great ideas, and superb critical analysis are catalyst to her current and future success in life. Carla is proud of where she’s come from and is anxious to make the world a better place for all.