Blessing Chukwuaja


Blessing is a vibrant and dedicated young lady, born in December 1993 in a small town in the east of Nigeria. She is the only girl and last child of a family of six. Blessing had her elementary and high school education in Nigeria. Her academic excellence as a young girl won her a full scholarship from Leventis Foundation to study sustainable agricultural production and natural resources management at EARTH University, Costa Rica where she is presently a junior year student. Blessing developed interest in helping and investing in people as a growing young child and this has been a core aspect of her life as an adult. She is currently a member of organizations known around the world for their humanitarian services such as The Dalai Lama Foundation and United State Archivers Program (USAP). She is the founder of Dirt to Power Initiative a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering rural women in a small community in Costa Rica. She is also a cofounder of Global Movement for Peace Love and Justice, an initiative that seeks to promote mutual coexistence among humans at all levels. Blessing's belief that we all share a common humanity and that we are all interdependent as human made it easy for her to establish relationship and won respect of people from very many ethnic and cultural background across different countries of the world. She aspires to reach out to as many people as possible with the limited resources and opportunities available to her and to create an environment where love, peace and equity reign. Blessing believes that it is possible to build a world that works for all through the collective effort of everyone guided by genuine love, compassion and forgiveness.