Mwanza, TanzaniaTanzania

Team: BUME -Irrigation farm ("My food my economy")

The work of almost every prominent, story books author and poet in history has been heavily influenced by life changing events Emmanuel Bujashi, one of the mostly highly youth struggle to meet his dreams and facilitates other youth to meet their dreams. Also, a Moshi College University of Co-opertive and Business Studies Ambassador (2013-2014) of Environment and Social Responsibility Award from Excel with Gland Malt-Tanzania Brewerise Limited. Not only that but the Co-odinator and pioneer of Youth Movement for Changes Society Community Based Organization, located in Mwanza Tanzania; and a diploma graduator in Co-operative Management and Accounting from MUCCoBS, a certificate graduator in Finance and Accounting from MUCCoBS, also a certificate and diploma graduator in Social Work and Community Development from Amani Counseling Centre and Training Institute ,Nairobi-Kenya. Today, I encourages my fellow youths to involve in social-economic activities to promote environment and youth sustainability for the community development and self esteem. It is not good to depend to parents or relative. It’s better to create your own job or come together as a group and run business. My life story teaches other to follow their dream, no matter how great it is.