Accessible Precision Farming

Turning Agriculture On Its Head

Connect farmers in the developing world to precision-based farming technologies to increase crop yields and optimize the use of resources.

  • Crop Optimization
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Yield Increase
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Technology in Agriculture
  • Electrodes

Use Case

Farmers are presented with an interactive demonstration of our precision-farming technologies and can decide to utilize the system. An Agrobatics partner will install the solution at the farm which will provide detailed information about the soil health: nutrient and water requirements for each field. Based on an electronic assessment of the field, the partner will explain the results of the report to the farmer, showing him exactly where the field needs inputs and of what kind. The partner will then source and deliver the bundle of inputs specially crafted for the farmer’s field. The partner will walk the farmer through the specific applications necessary to enhance crop yield. The partners will be locally available to respond to any questions the farmer has during the process.


The innovation potential for Agrobatics is that we connect farmers in developing countries with value-maximizing technologies through a franchise model and pay-per-use strategy. The pay-per-use strategy will allow more people to have access to new technologies while increasing crop yields and making more efficient use of resources (water, fertilizers and other nutrients). At the same time, the franchise model will help local entrepreneurs develop new businesses. Through close contact with farmers and local partners, we will develop tailor-made solutions for each field. Simultaneously, our team will utilize a feedback loop from both the farming communities and our business partners to bring the most needed technologies to each specific geographical location.

Business Case

Our first solution, a precision farming electrode, will be introduced to communities in developing nations through a franchise model. This model allows entrepreneurs to increase their daily income while supporting the development of their farming community through a pay-per-use of once cost-prohibitive technologies. Agrobatics’ partners will visit farms and run analyses on the soil quality of each field and then provide farmers with advice on increasing yields. Agrobatics will then deliver the necessary inputs based on the electrode feedback. As Agrobatics grows, we plan to use a feedback loop to identify technologies that match the needs of the farming communities. Once the franchise network is established we can rapidly reach more farmers with more technologies.


  1. Maximize crop yields by implementing precision farming and teaching farmers how and where to apply the required inputs to their fields.
  2. Make more efficient use of resources by reducing water, fertilizers and other inputs through more accurate soil analysis.
  3. Create a feedback loop between farmers, partners and Agrobatics to bring other technologies to farmers based on their specific needs.

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acrobatics represents flexible, intelligent solutions to today's global agricultural challenges.

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acrobatics represents flexible, intelligent solutions to today's global agricultural challenges.Read More

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