for better health through herbs and spices

Make available concentrate extracts of herbs and spices or even fruits available at affordable prices

Use Case

Kiddawalime , a small scale juice producing company in Kampala, here a company like this finds it so expensive be able to acquire enough land to grow the fruits that are used as ingredients for their products , so spicity produces the concentrates of these fruits which can be easily transported to the urban areas like Kampala to supply companies like kiddawalime at affordable prices. Besides spicity also makes available these concentrate extracts from spices, herbs and specialty food ingredients to homes which may not be able to access them because they are sold so expensively and the poor families cannot be able to access them.


Most of the concentrate extracts from spices and herbs in Africa are just exported and hence do not contain the local herbs and spices that may be unique to their specific countries, so through spicity, families can be able to access them cheaply which they may reconstitute to provide natural tastes or directly which helps them to get the benefits of the original herbs and spices. Other manufacturers can also use our products as raw materials for their products, our customers are assured of quality because they can trace the origin of all our product components because they are produced locally. Since we produce in masses, it is possible to supply all our customers and at low and competitive prices.

Business Case

Since these products are scarce and highly priced, spicity has a upper hand on the majority of the market, our products are priced at low and competitive prices, our product are also produced locally which offers a variety of local herbs, spices and food ingredients, we believe that if we sell at lower prices we will be able to capture the majority of the market and at the same time makes us impact on more people, other than selling expensively which will get us few customers. Our extracts have health benefits and so are very important to our people.


  1. Improve people's health through our products
  2. Make spices, herbs and fruit concentrates available to everyone
  3. For quality and natural concentrate extracts that are made locally

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Making spices, herbs and specialty ingredients universally available.

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Our Team

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Making spices, herbs and specialty ingredients universally available.Read More

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The information contained here represents student project ideas developed as the result of brainstorming activities during Round 1 of the TFF Challenge. It does not represent any final business plans or commercial products.