Help for the Frail

Reach out to the unabled

Skippers helps families headed by school-age kids, elderly or disabled people who are unable to cultivate enough food for their families.

Use Case

Seki’s mom left him with his granny, Eli, before she succumbed to HIV. Seki continued school after his mom passed away, until his granny became too frail to continue cultivating the family’s food by herself. Last year, she pulled Seki, 9, and his 7-year-old sister out of school so they could help her produce enough food for the family. Skippers helps elderly people like Eli to use her wide variety of skills and experience to generate value which can be exchanged for food, so that the kids can continue school. During their free time, Seki and his sister also participate in Skippers’ Kids Choir that entertains guests at various events. The choir develops their creative skills that they will continue benefiting from long after school, but also helps them have food without leaving school.


In countries where there is no formal social safety net and support system for elderly citizens and child-headed families, which is the majority of developing countries, such families suffer from chronic food shortages, resulting into malnutrition and many times even death. Children in these families are unable to stay in school, or if they are in school, they can't concentrate. Our intervention produces and distributes food aid for such families, and also enables members of these families to create value in ways that do not compromise their health or their opportunity to receive an education. When Eli, for instance, becomes too frail to do any kind of work, Skippers continues feeding her family from her accumulated credits and donations.

Business Case

As described, Skippers is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization that has three separate income streams. First and foremost, Skippers is supported by income selling surplus foods that are produced on our beneficiaries' land. Secondly, we receive income from the activities of its beneficiaries who are in a state to contribute skills ranging from consultancy, entertainment, art and craft among others. The beneficiaries are trained regularly on performing light duties. Skippers also receives donations and all forms of charitable contributions.


  1. We save families headed by school-age, elderly, or disabled people from malnutrition starvation
  2. We impart valuable skills in children, senior citizens and people with disabilities to enable them to live independent lives
  3. We mobilize funds and support awareness activities about the critical food shortages faced by vulnerable groups of people in society

Team Skippers

Mukono, Uganda

Our Team

Our Mission

We help children, the elderly and the physically challenged access sufficient, high quality food.

Our Background

Our Team

Our Mission

We help children, the elderly and the physically challenged access sufficient, high quality food.Read More

Our Background

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The information contained here represents student project ideas developed as the result of brainstorming activities during Round 1 of the TFF Challenge. It does not represent any final business plans or commercial products.