Striving to fill empty stomachs

Connecting restaurants, farmers and government in a circular channel following a unique protocol controlled by us though an app SmartCycle.

Use Case

Farmers: Able to get natural manure & sell their crops at a good price without any wastage (not sold)+ full insurance of their crops. Also there is no need of going to the market. Agents: Increase in employment; far out reach to the farmers leading to rise in their sales & profit. Government: Able to function in a more systematic & controlled way with a direct control over what restaurants are selling; agents selling crop; leading to better quality of food for the public. Equal distribution of food is possible among the rich and poor. Restaurants: Able to reduce the food waste & also getting door to door service for some of the raw materials leading to better quality of food being served & increase in profit as well. And all this done with just a single app.


By the end of 2050 we are able to serve 9 billion people sufficiently. With the world becoming more tech savy, and increase in the number of smartphone users, SmartCycle connects a lot more farmers and restaurant in near future thus targeting zero wastage and sufficient food for everyone. SmartCycle is applicable both in developed and developing countries, providing it a huge market and making it unique in itself. Also SmartCycle generate a lot of job opportunities as we need people at every level starting from agents, data analysts to the drivers. Thus solving the problem of unemployment in society and low income for the poor people. Presently organic farming is practiced only in 0.9% of the land, SmartCycle will make it to at least 5% thus reducing the dependence on chemical fertilizers.

Business Case

With restaurant owners throwing away a large amount of semi cooked food, SmartCycle regulates that food among various restaurants so that maximum of it can be utilized. This is the time when SmartCycle gets into profit. Further with the leftover food we make manure by adding charcoal and sell it to the farmers at low prices, getting in deal with them to sell their crops through our agents, which further are connected to the government. Our app provides real time report of the stored food through the sensors installed in silos, reducing the wastage. People are required to regulate all this; increasing employment and income of people which improves standard of living. Thus government can distribute the food accordingly to public (restaurants) which completes the SmartCycle.


  1. Transporting extra semi-cooked & the leftover cooked food from 1 restaurant to other (operating in diff time) & to manure plant respectively
  2. Proper monitoring & storage system of crops through the same app connecting farmers & agents to stop rancidification of crop in an area.
  3. Promoting organic farming to reduce the dependence on chemical fertilizers and increase employment for improving the life standards.

Team Smart Cycle

Hyderabad, India

Our Team

Our Mission

One of the basic necessities of humans in fact every living being on this planet is food. But sadly, every human is not able to get the proper quality and quantity of the food that is required to stay healthy. At presently one in every nine people is not able to get one square meal and that itself is an alarming situation. A large proportion of the food is wasted which may be during transportation, crop loss, food storage and the list goes on. If we are able to save the amount of food which is wasted the amount of food would be actually more than the food required. Seeing the large amount of food wasted, our team decided to reduce this wastage through proper monitoring of the food. To reduce food wastage, our team decided to develop a service and products to reduce food wastage. In this modern world when you are having everything SMART, be it a phone or a television, our team has decided to do something in a similar fashion as the name suggests SmartCycle.

Our Background

Our Team

Our Mission

One of the basic necessities of humans in fact every living being on this planet is food. But sadly, every human is not able to get the proper ...Read More

Our Background

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The information contained here represents student project ideas developed as the result of brainstorming activities during Round 1 of the TFF Challenge. It does not represent any final business plans or commercial products.