It's incredible how much is edible!

An app where when you enter your location you will be informed about edible plants in your surroundings, and ways to use them in the kitchen

Use Case

People download the app onto their smartphone. If they then enter their living address (ZIP-code), they will be informed about edible plants in their surroundings (Of course they can enter any address where they might want to find plants in that area). In other words, the app makes the user aware of how much of nature they can actually use in the kitchen. The app will also provide the user with 2-3 recipes per plant. There's an additional option where users can see recipes for forgotten food such as avocado seed, carrot peels etc., which can then be eaten instead of thrown away.


Our concept offers: - less pressure on agriculture as more products from nature around us will be used as nutrition (which would prevent or limit current climate change) - a fun way of rediscovering how we can use the nature around us (land is not only for agriculture, there is also the existing, natural nature) - a change in the consumerist outlook on food and food industry, for example in that it increases the awareness of how plants actually grow - a healthy and sustainable alternative for processed food - an education for people on food and food waste (with hidden veggies option) - to promote meatless, eco-friendly foods and recipes

Business Case

It’s a free app that works on advertisement Purpose – alternative source of food Value – it offers users free food and knowledge about it Customers – young, middle class people from a developed country, responsible, caring about the planet Staff: IT specialists who design the app, assistants who create the databse of plants and recipes, professional biologists who check the information Costs: Most of the costs are time investments. Other expenses that include managing the app and checking the information would be covered by advertisement and sale of premium accounts (those that don’t have adds and offer more recipes) Benefits: Revenue from sales and ads; dissemination of knowledge about alternative sources of food Distribution channel: social media


  1. Promote a new responsible food culture by creating awareness about edible plants and ways of reusing food waste.
  2. Create a platform that provides easy access to an overview of local edible plants and fungi.
  3. Offer a sustainable healthy alternative to processed food.

Team IncrEdible

Utrecht, Netherlands

Our Team

Our Mission

Our main focus is local food consumption and production. Sustainability, health and nature are important topics.

Our Background

Our Team

Our Mission

Our main focus is local food consumption and production. Sustainability, health and nature are important topics.Read More

Our Background

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