The Global Hunger Index

Making sense of food production data and analytics

Hunger Index is the new benchmark food production, consumption and hunger information for today and the future.

Use Case

The Global Hunger Index group of research publications aims at bringing food production, need and consumption patterns to ordinary citizens and institutions to increase their awareness about hunger in the world and their own food consumption and wastage habits. Hunger Index will produce a range of online and offline publications to highlight how much food is available per capita in all countries in the world. The publications will be capable of providing information to users about hungry people in their local areas and ways to help. The publications will be based on our proprietary global hunger index that is developed from a range of food production and availability indicators, and will provide information of varying complexity for personal, research and institutional use.


There is currently no one-stop place for all of the world's hunger data and analytics. The databases that exist do not talk to each other, and very often duplicate their work. Our global index aims to leverage available public information as well as in-house research to develop the world's first Global Hunger Index which we believe will become the conventional standard on which development assistance professionals and governments will base their decisions on where food aid is most needed. Since we aim at developing the index with strict scientific rigor, we believe it will also meet scholarly standards and be applicable for research purposes too.

Business Case

Hunger Index is a research and consultancy outfit. Our main source of revenue will be selling original research about not only countries, but also cities, towns and villages, providing valuable food production, consumption, wastage and shortage information for governments, international organizations, scholars and most importantly, lay people like you. Our research products will be tailored towards institutional and research clients, as well as individuals including kids, young adults and adults.


  1. Develop the world's first Hunger Index for institutions, governments and laypeople.
  2. Provide resources for development of school curiculums with integrated hunger information
  3. Disseminate research and publications to inform the world about food and hunger.

Team Hunger index

kampala, Uganda

Our Team

Our Mission

Hunger Index is using available hunger data and analytics to develop maps and info-graphics for the emergency response industry.

Our Background

we are going to rock the world

Our Team

Our Mission

Hunger Index is using available hunger data and analytics to develop maps and info-graphics for the emergency response industry.Read More

Our Background

we are going to rock the worldRead More

The information contained here represents student project ideas developed as the result of brainstorming activities during Round 1 of the TFF Challenge. It does not represent any final business plans or commercial products.