Community Fruit Trees

Fruits, fruits and more fruits.

Fruit trees can reduce hunger especially in urban areas where little food is cultivated and is also very expensive. We want to change this.

Use Case

Cities and urban areas in Uganda almost always desire to enhance their metropolitan areas with trees and other vegetation. Apart from the aesthetic benefits, there are usually no other benefits that this vegetation provides to city dwellers or the urban authorities. We are looking to gradually replace these decorations with good-looking fruit trees wihich will not only provide the aesthetic effects sought by landscapers, but also produce food for city dwellers.


We are targeting to have the majority of trees planted in places where human beings usually hang to be able to provide fruit. Incrementally, if each urban authority and home replaces trees in their compounds and streets, there will be enough food even for homeless people. Our overall aim is to have at least half of tree cover planted in communities to provide nutritious food in form of fruit. We hope to identify and multiply the most productive and drought resistant varieties of fruit trees and distribute these to urban authorities for use in parks and roadsides.

Business Case

Tree Food is a nonprofit, impact project and will derive revenues from donations and sales of fruit tree seedlings to fund our research and other day-to-day activites.


  1. To develop resilient fruit tree varieties that also have good aesthetic appeal.
  2. To promote the planting of fruit trees in communal spaces, gardens as well as homes.
  3. To educate the public about the importance of fruit consumption to overall health and wellbeing.

Team TreeFood

Kampala, Uganda

Our Team

Our Mission

TreeFood is a forestry against hunger project.

Our Background

Our Team

Our Mission

TreeFood is a forestry against hunger project.Read More

Our Background

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The information contained here represents student project ideas developed as the result of brainstorming activities during Round 1 of the TFF Challenge. It does not represent any final business plans or commercial products.