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AgAdventure facilitates agritourism for tourists & small-holder farmers,igniting development& making an innovative impact on global poverty.

Use Case

AgAdventure promotes, develops and facilitates agritourism in developing countries,through a mobile application,which connects tourists to small-holder farmers.The mobile application has users on two ends,the small-holder farmer and the tourist.A small-holder farmer updates their location and tourism offerings on the application.The tourist can search the country they are in for opportunities to visit small-holder farms.The application takes care of payments for goods and services rendered.The small-holder farmer has the opportunity to share their way of life with the tourist and receive an income for the tour.The tourist receives an educational experience,based on the request they were seeking through the application.The business exchange is facilitated and made possible by AgAdventure.


Agriculture plays a critical role in economic development, however, a farmer’s income is limited and typically dependent on production. Agritourism provides farmers with a second income, that they can use to invest back into their farms and families. For many farmers, marketing is not easy, which makes attracting tourists a challenge. AgAdventure is the only application strictly dedicated to agritourism for small-holder farmers. Our concept focuses on the economic growth of developing countries by promoting agritourism. We are empowering communities, providing farmers with a second income and changing the world through agritourism. We believe that the increase in incomes will lead to economic development, improved food security, increased education,and a potential decrease in unemployment.

Business Case

AgAdventure connects the tourism industry to small-holder farming operations worldwide. Our technology will target the customer base of a yearly 1.186 billion international tourists worldwide and 500 million small-holder farms. The technology will target a $1,260 billion international tourism industry, with an aim to attract these tourism dollars to small-holder farms. Through the financial transactions completed on the mobile application, a percentage of the transactions is kept as a revenue source for the company. Market research shows that there is an increase in tourists who seek agritourism activities and that small-holder farmers are interested in adding value to their land. The demand for AgAdventure is high and we are filling in a market gap with our product offering.


  1. Use agritourism to ignite development and make an innovative impact on global poverty.
  2. Educate individuals worldwide about agriculture and the origins of their food, fiber and fuel.
  3. Provide a platform for tourists to enjoy agritourism & allow small-holder farmers to add value to their operations with additional revenue.

Team AgAdventure

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States of America

Agritourism in Greece: Our Big Fat Greek Feast / Published January 27, 2017 by Susan Karimiha

Agritourism in Greece: Our Big Fat Greek Feast

Our very own team member, Alexis Agard, just returned from an agritourism trip to Greece! Not only did Alexis learn a great deal about agriculture, food, life and culture in Greece, she impacted local Greek agribusiness operations.
Read her story here:

"For us, each day was spent learning something new as we gathered around nourishing our minds and bodies with great food. We would spend hours sharing memories and laughing as we prepared a meal. The Greeks taught us that food is an art, a form of expression that translates some of the world’s greatest stories. It provides love, hope and peace as it brings people together. It cannot be rushed to prepare. It must be balanced with time, effort, all your senses, and love."

100 Strong! / Published January 23, 2017 by Sarah Bernard

100 Strong!

Thanks for helping AgAdventure to reach 100 "Likes" on Facebook! We are so excited to take you on this journey along with us!

Lettuce Collaborate! / Published January 23, 2017 by Sarah Bernard

Lettuce Collaborate!

Check out our team doing their thing collaborating before we filmed our concept and pitch videos! Here Alexis, Jackie, and I were happy to get outdoors and away from our busy class schedules with a trip to the Hill Farm on the Louisiana State University campus!

Etch-A-Sketch / Published January 20, 2017 by Sarah Bernard


Happy #flashbackfriday! Here's a look back to our logo creation and Alexis hard at work!

Tour Our Design Space! / Published January 19, 2017 by Sarah Bernard

Tour Our Design Space!

Here is the engine running our collegiate think tank, featuring tea from both China and Kenya, sugar from Colombia, and a hand-turned coffee grinder from Kosovo. I guess in order to think internationally, we've got to drink internationally!

Our Team

Our Mission

We believe that the average person possesses the tools to combat hunger worldwide, if only he has a passport, a smartphone, and a desire for adventure! Designed by a group of students from Louisiana State University, AgAdventure connects small-holder farmers worldwide with millions of travelers seeking unique, memorable, educational experiences through agritourism. Through our platform, AgAdventure, travelers are able to put money directly into the pockets of struggling farmers, allowing them to better provide for their families, invest in better agricultural inputs, and showcase their ways of life. Meanwhile, visitors learn just what goes into their food, fibers, and materials, in a fun, interactive way! Team AgAdventure believes that the power to defeat hunger worldwide lies in empowering people to make real, measurable change. With AgAdventure, why not add “changing the world” to your vacation itinerary?

Our Background

Team AgAdventure consists of students at Louisiana State University, representing diverse disciplines. Sarah Bernard will complete her degrees in History and Agricultural Business, with her concentration in International Business; she has a passion for tourism, especially in the agriculture sector. Alexis Agard is an Agricultural Business major, with her concentration in International Business and her minor in Business Administration; she is pursuing a career in global marketing in emerging markets and economic development. Jackie Robinson is a Computer Science major with her concentration in Software Engineering and her minor in Information Technology Management; she is looking forward to entering into the field of software engineering. Franklin Bonilla is an M.S. Student in the LSU School of Nutrition and Food Sciences. Originally from Honduras, his research focuses food science and food preservation methods. Susan Karimiha is PhD Candidate in the LSU School of Human Resource Education and Workforce Development. Her research focuses on workforce development challenges with labor forces located in developing countries.

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