Agri Yolo

A collaborative agricultural ecosystem

Agri Yolo is a platform that enables collaborative projects between agribusinesses (Agri), young investors (YO) and landowners (LO).

Use Case

Agri wanted to increase food production but was concerned about his insufficient land and capital. LO was wondering how he could make his unused land profitable. YO had some savings and wanted to be more involved in agriculture and sustainability. They decided to visit Agri Yolo website, which they heard was a platform that aims to connect people in the agricultural industry and create a collaborative society. They created their account providing information regarding their know-how, land title and revenue source respectively. They discussed about their objectives in an online meeting and informed Agri Yolo about their intent to build a joint project. Agri Yolo was excited to establish the joint project´s contract and provide them accountability tools for monitoring the project status.


By creating powerful synergies, Agri Yolo helps agribusinesses increase their food production by giving them access to arable land and investment resources (young people´s savings). It also provides landowners with optimal utilisation of their land for agriculture and generate income with no operating expenses. Finally, young people who have some savings, will have the opportunity to become agricultural investors. With more than 200 medium-size Colombian agribusinesses (with equipment and know-how in agriculture); a 11 million young population with growing savings; and more than 7 million hectares of arable land that is currently wasted, Agri Yolo has a huge potential in Colombia. Once positioned in this market, Agri Yolo can be easily scaled to the rest of Latin America and Africa.

Business Case

We will create value for agribusinesses, landowners and investors by allowing them to connect and design joint projects in agriculture. The profits of these projects will be divided among the three parties in proportion to their initial contribution. To ensure the creation of synergies and the success of the joint agricultural projects, Agri Yolo will provide high-tech communication facilities, legal and financial advice for contract writing, and accountability tools to keep track of the progress of the projects. For these services we aim to charge only 6% of the project's profits: 1% at the time of contract signature and the remaining 5% after sales of the produce. We intend to retain another 5% of the project’s profits for investments towards future innovation of the project.


  1. Exploit agricultural synergies that occur when different agents of the agricultural ecosystem work together in joint projects
  2. Give young people interested in agriculture the possibility to invest and get involved without leaving their cities
  3. Increase food production, while providing a solution to land wastage by connecting the various drivers of an agricultural project

Team Agri-Yolo

Jouy-en-Josas, France

AgriYolo new website is up! / Published January 17, 2017 by Shir Sheftel

AgriYolo new website is up!

Our site is still in development but please check-it out and give us your opinion!

Thoughts on Design Lab / Published January 13, 2017 by Sathvik Ganesan

Thoughts on Design Lab

Just a sidenote from Agri Yolo.

One of the most insightful experiences of participating in the Thought For Food Challenge has been the design thinking methodology.

It has helped us structure all our ideas and channelize our energy effectively, while also keeping all our team meetings organised. Also, we realized how efficient we are when we are not distracted by looking at our computer screens or mobiles during meetings.

Back at HEC, we now feel like we're aficionados of this approach and we're using it widely during our team projects as well.

Developing the Pitch / Published January 10, 2017 by Sathvik Ganesan

Developing the Pitch

We had a great week filming and developing the Concept video and Pitch. The Design Lab really helped us to innovate every aspect of the pitch. We are excited to share with you the two videos - Coming soon to a theatre near you :)

Meanwhile, here is a customary team-eating-apple picture of our team, which Richard shared in the Ideate part of the Design Lab.

Agri Yolo is on Facebook! / Published January 5, 2017 by Sathvik Ganesan

Agri Yolo is on Facebook!

An important landmark in the history of Agri Yolo. We have officially launched our Facebook page in an attempt to increase the social media footprint of the project. Within a day, we're already upto 150 likes (and counting)! Another exciting development is that our website is in progress (Thanks to some excellent work from Shir) and expected to be launched soon. Keep you posted :)

Building on our idea further / Published January 2, 2017 by Sathvik Ganesan

Building on our idea further

After interviews with a couple of industry experts, we developed our concept further to build a viable business model. Above is a snapshot of the business model and the value proposition we envision to provide to our stakeholders. More to follow in our pitch :D

Our Team

Our Mission

Our goal is to promote investments in sustainable agriculture by effectively connecting agribusinesses, landowners and young investors to launch new joint projects.

Our Background

In our team, we have a group of 5 team members studying full time MBA at HEC Paris, one of the world’s top prestigious MBA programs. Each of us originate from different countries and come to the table with varied experiences. However, we are unified by one aim - to solve the world’s sustainability issues and create an impact by solving at least a small portion of the big puzzle of global food security.

Our Badges

  • Power Team
    Your team has at least three members
  • Design Lab Experts
    Attended at least one of the weekly TFF Design Lab “office hours” sessions.
  • We Famous
    Your project has been covered by your university or other media outlet
  • Get #Social
    Created team Facebook or Twitter page and attached to team page
  • Fan Club
    You have 100 likes or followers on your team Facebook or Twitter
  • Interior Architect
    Posted three pictures of your team workspace
  • Idea Parkers
    Shared a picture of your teams unique “idea parking”
  • Global Foodies
    Posted three facts about global food issues learned in the Explore mode
  • Insight + Insight + Insight
    Shared three new insights your team formulated in the Define mode
  • On Time, On Target
    Shared your Design Statement created during the Define mode
  • Post-it Fiends
    Shared pics of the chaos of the post-it filled Ideate work mode
  • Brain Food
    In the Ideate intro video, Richard shares an important tip while eating an apple. Share a team-apple-eating pic!
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    Shared your logo sketching session on your team blog
  • WE DID IT!!
    Submitted Final Pitch, including videos and concept details
The information contained here represents student project ideas developed as the result of brainstorming activities during Round 1 of the TFF Challenge. It does not represent any final business plans or commercial products.