Accelerated rice production to feed the world

Move wet low land farmers to increase rice production.

Wet bole lands and rain fed inland valley swamps is suitable for intensive mechanize rice farming to increase rice production.

Use Case

Sierra Leone is rich in agricultural lands,yet Sierra Leone live below human development index as indicated by the world bank.About 49.8% of the population is food insured in Sierra Leone the gap between local food production and the national demand is still wide, and that the deficit is covered by imported food.Sierra Leone is currently spending about $165 million to import rice, farmers continue to practice shifting cultivation and communal labor,maintaining their social status in makeshift dwelling.The huge wealth of agricultural lands,cheap labor,sunshine,and rain fed irrigation systems can be utilize intensively to produce sufficient rice that will feed the people and be surplus for export.


Hunger is a source of bad economies,instability,and sickness the world over.To eradicate hunger is to plant fast growing seeds to quickly produce food to feed the world.Among this seeds is NERICA seeds which can germinate quickly and produce abundant rice generally accepted by many people in the world.Our old endeavors to source rice from our traditional seeds can no longer feed the growing population.Planting activities for those seeds rice is more costly than we can harvest. Wet bole lands and inland valley swamps rich in minerals are potential sources in the fright against hunger.

Business Case

The concept shall be community owned and all farmers shall be in the center of activities. They shall be trained in all extension services by the government technical staffs, in collaboration with the Agric Magic Team.The team shall be responsible for the general management of all programmes and activities and shall be coordinating and directing all works for reporting.The funding agency shall provide funds for the programmes and activities and shall make followups to access progress and provide advice where necessary for amends.Thereby gaining confidence for donor continuation.


  1. Production of surplus rice for consumption and export, and an increase on the country's GDP.
  2. Sensitization and mobilization of community framers.Training of framers and identification of arable plan by the team.
  3. Procurement of farm machinery,spare parts and accessories,extension input,processing and marketing requirement.

Team Agric Magic Team

Freetown, Sierra Leone

AGRIC MAGIC TEAM FAN CLUB BADGE / Published January 12, 2017 by Alimamy Sesay


AGRIC MAGIC TEAM FAN CLUB BADGE / Published January 12, 2017 by Alimamy Sesay


AGRIC MAGIC TEAM FAN CLUB BADGE / Published January 12, 2017 by Alimamy Sesay


AGRIC MAGIC TEAM FAN CLUB BADGE / Published January 12, 2017 by Alimamy Sesay


A drive from up land farming to low farming,with a new breed of rice called nerica rice.This breed of rice can be harvested three time per year.

Agric Magic Team / Published January 10, 2017 by Alimamy Sesay

Agric Magic Team

What we eat starts with the seed we plant and the food systems we have in place.

Our Team

Our Mission

The Agric magic team comprises four university students from various disciplines. The team shall review the old farming systems and promote new working objectives to raise the levels of food production, food processing and food security as a tool for human self reliance, self employment especially for vulnerable communities in the under developed countries by 2050. The Agric magic team shall sensitize, educate, and organize communities towards farming, provide seed banks, storage facilities, processing equipment, seed money as a revolving support to farmers, through extension practices, strong monitoring of activities to maintain one third of the targeted population in diversified food production and maintain a strong loan recovery mechanism to support other farmers in other communities. The Agric magic team shall work closely with line government support other organization having similar aims communities’ members towards maintaining reliable farming practices, a reliable marketing systems and a reliable climate order. The Agric magic team, line governmental representatives, community representatives and other line organizations shall make constant fellow ups and make amends were necessary, assess communities in agriculture to ensure food security, food surplus, socio- economic development of the targeted community and evaluate the overall excellent of the Agric magic team; there after hand in activities to line government and community members by 2050.

Our Background

The gruesome rebel war in Sierra Leone grossly affected the social, political, economic and cultural development of the country. Destroyed the farming systems and promoted hunger to alarming proportion. Food to survive was the order of the day and the United Nations can not provide sufficient food handout to communities who were under constant cross fire between the rebels and governments army. Fighting over food for survival prompted us to come together in the village, were we took refuge and established a farm in the early months of the rainy season. Within a period of three months we succeeded in having a bumper harvest of various farm products. We had enough food to eat, we sold some to our neighbors and kept some in the seed bank. Members in our village and other neighboring villages emulated us and within a period of one year there was enough food in the chiefdom in which we took refuge.The head men in the villages chose to call us the " MAGIC TEAM". When the war ended we resumed our studies at college and continued to manifest our love for agricultural activities.( We attended school and did farming simultaneously). . Our activities attracted many friends and even lecturers who encouraged us establish a garden . The money gained from our farming activities helped us to fulfill our school requirement with some cash in our pocket. The Agric magic team is willing to collaborate in making bold break though solutions to feed 9 billion people around the world, through dedication to hard work, good extension practices, and good financial management. For a long time the world bank had been spending billions of dollars of tax payers monies supporting especially under developed countries to become food sufficient. In addition to this, the world food programme had been continuing to provide food aid to these same under developed countries,that is war affected and natural disaster hit countries. There fore, the common reports on the table of the United Nations (UN) are that people in under developed countries are living in abject poverty earning less than a dollar a day, children suffering from malnutrition, outbreak of epidemic, political instability and hunger. Being that the world is now a global village, the food shortages of one country can automatically affect the other country there by having a negative impact on the economies of the developed countries . The hand out to countries by WFP weakened the ability and potential to feed themselves. The race in advance technologies is having a negative impact on the ecosystem resulting to climate change, flooding, and desertification. HumanS continue to increase the land mass remain the same and limited food is used to gain political ambitions and many more. Therefore, the Agric magic team including you and you is finding break through solutions to feed over 9 billion people, because our past agricultural devices and working human intelligence has failed us. The Agric magic team cares to bring new ideas, human resources and finances to eradicate hunger and diseases in world. The team cares to encourage technology to reflect in agriculture and to benefit man.Technocrats shall map out new strategies to generate food sufficiency, food surplus that will transform to peace, security and development.The United Nations and government should seek common solutions in areas of funding, monitoring and reporting. The primary organ WFP should be represented in all countries seeking assistance in farming, and WFP should be represented in the development of programs and program implementations.The funding for assistance to countries in need should be on loan recovery systems. The founding organization should also be resented in the monitoring of activities and reporting to United Nations. In the case of Agric magic team the approach for assistance in the farming should be direct to farmers in need through local groups in the targeted communities/countries to avoid bureaucracy in founding and political interference which have over the years dampened agricultural growth because of government tampering with the national budgeting systems in agriculture. The local groups receiving assistance shall work together with the founding organization and work closely with line government functionary, sharing ideas to meet quick solutions and quick amends. The Agric magic team shall encourage the establishment of farmer’s cooperative banks or other wise under the supervision of farmer’s representative, line government in the targeted countries to communities. The bank shall be used for the procurement of farm materials. The materials used by farmers on loan recovery systems for onward assistance to other communities/countries. The world bank/WFP shall be required to provide funds to the banks, provide a market, and encourage the private sector in the processing of goods for marketing.WFP should be fully represented to oversee the on going processes of all implementation. The targeted farmers should work under a time frame in which they will benefit, training in agricultural practices, accounting management and processing. There fore, as the private sector is an important ingredient in democratic development.The Agric magic team recommence the encouragement of the private sector to be involved in matters of agriculture to enhance food production and food security. This will generate employment, income generation and peace to improve the socio economic status of farmers/under developed countries. Sierra Leone is blessed with bole lands, uplands, and swamp lands with rain fed irrigation systems. It has sufficient labor and sun shine, yet Sierra Leone is below the human development index as indicated by World Bank. Most Sierra Leoneans live below one dollar a day and cannot afford a square mill. “According to country representative of the United Nations food and agricultural organization (FAO) Nyabenyi Tipo said about 49% of the population is food insure in Sierra Leone .The gap between local food production and the national demand is still wide, and the deficit is covered by imported food. Sierra Leone is currently spending about $ 165 million to import rice annually and over $25 million to import onions and vegetable oil”. Sierra Leone continues to import food items to feed themselves while there is viable land remaining fallow. This increases unemployment of youths and women. The people practice traditional shifting cultivation with no idea of modern than agricultural practices, no proper shelter, no improve medical facilities. Government effort is not enough to the living condition of the people because of the billions of dollars going to the importation of food items. The Agric magic team, as our back ground indicated, will become a non governmental organization embarking on diverse agricultural activities. The group will require collaboration with international organizations having similar aims and determined to save the world from hunger. The Agric Magic group shall embark on gainful agricultural activities for a gainful socio-economic recovery by seeking funds from international organization.We request the services of technocrats to come to our aid. The direct beneficiaries of this NGO will be the framers and they will be in the centre of activities. We shall embark on modern methods of farming and engage two third of the youths and women in targeted areas. In step wise the organization will intervene and move capital resources to other chiefdom's for a quick recovery from hunger and poverty. The NGO will encourage sharing ideas with other line organizations; encourage stake holders in targeted communities to embrace agriculture as a source of income for a country's development. We are Sierra Leoneans by nationality residing in the rural areas in the country our parents are traditional farmers possessing large acres of land were they practice there traditional shifting cultivation methods. There old farming methods renders to be vulnerable.At times the proceeds can not feed their entrie house holds, huge post harvest losses, poor framing calendar and poor processing. With there merger income we were sent to school and currently we are in colleges reading different courses. The brutal civil war brought us together at Konke barina chiefdom where we were inspired to form the" AGRIC MAGIC TEAM".

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