AutoGrow: Automatic Aeroponic System

AutoGrow: Automatically produced, home-grown food

Agrineers introduces AutoGrow system, which quickly and automatically grows food at home for people with busy schedules.

Use Case

More and more people are eating healthier than they were a decade ago. Agrineers introduces an automatic food growing system, AutoGrow, for your healthy diet. AutoGrow can help you grow your own food, that is more colorful, incredibly tasting and more nutritious. People can successfully grow their produce with a fully automatic system even they have daily busy schedule. Also, the structure of system is designed for everyone's home. No matter if they have spacious or limited space in their home. They can easily build their lovely food garden besides the window, at their patio or deck, and at their dinning room.


Eating your own grown food is a revolution. It will change people's eating habit and food supply system. The vegetable and fruit in the market is both expensive and covered with pesticide, which is harmful for our bodies. Grow your own food at home can eliminate the chemicals used for keeping produce fresh and colorful. The self-cleaning system in AutoGrow can ensure the food quality and long service time. Most importantly, eating your own food can save your money. Additionally, more than 30% of the fruit and vegetable are wasted due to spoilage and discard. Home-grown food can reduce the wastes. People no longer need to buy extra food and waste them. The fresh and delicious food is readily for you.

Business Case

Agrineers is a business with combination of agriculture and technology. Our business is based on sales from AutoGrow aeroponic system, plant-growing supplies, and associated software supporting the systems. Our products are available on the website and retail store. Our targeted customers are people who like to eat healthy diet and have greens at home. We will collaborate with local laboratories to develop a detailed catalog of growing solution, which is more effective and more nutritious, for various produces. Additionally, our software, allowing users to control and monitor food growth, will continuously improve with software engineers.


  1. People: Develop a healthy eating habit and culture for people, especially for whom having busy lifestyle
  2. Agriculture: A more productive and more sustainable vegetable/fruit growing technology
  3. Environment: Reduce and eliminate the food waste due to spoilage and discard

Team Agrineers

College Station, United States of America

On Time, On Target / Published January 15, 2017 by Chris Zhu

On Time, On Target

Our Vision will guide us to achieve our goals. Our products will change people's eating habit to be healthier, especially those with busy lifestyle. Also, the food growing technologies will be improved and the environment will be protected.

Global Foodies / Published January 15, 2017 by Chris Zhu

Global Foodies

Food security is a global issue. Some of the global food problems have been identified by the World Resources Institute. Three of the major issues are exploding global population, food shortage, and environmental footprint.

Brain Food / Published January 15, 2017 by Chris Zhu

Brain Food

Generating good ideas in a short time is challenging. Brain food always gives us energy and we can continue to keep up our good work!

INTERIOR ARCHITECT / Published January 15, 2017 by Chris Zhu


This meeting room has a big TV screen. We can look at the screen together and share our opinions. Small room for big work!

INTERIOR ARCHITECT / Published January 15, 2017 by Chris Zhu


Library is a wonderful place for our team to study and generate new ideas!

Our Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to make people have healthier diet, especially those with busy lifestyle and to improve food producing technology without causing damage to the environment. Store bought fruits and vegetables are both expensive and covered with pesticides. Home-grown food eliminates the need for chemicals used to keeping produce fresh and colorful. The self-cleaning system in AutoGrow ensures food quality and extends the life of the aeroponics system. Furthermore, eating home-grown food can save money. Additionally, more than 30% of supermarket fruits and vegetables are wasted due to spoilage and discard. Home-grown food can reduce this waste, because people will be more likely to eat the food that they grew themselves.

Our Background

We are a group of passionate graduate students in Chemical Engineering department. We care about people's lives and environmental issues. Combining technology and agriculture will effectively change people's lives and protect the environment. Thought For Food project gives us an great opportunity to speak up our ideas. Furthermore, we can help the society utilizing our knowledge and skills.

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