IF (Insecta Flour)

For Your Healthy

Our concept is to make insecta flour by grasshopper because grasshopper is containing with high protein, low fat, and healthier than meat.

Use Case

Our products can provide extra ingredient in making food using a starter flour, like noodle or bread. So, in making noodle's batter or bread's batter , add batter with our product. Our product not change the taste of the food.


our concept can be one of protein source besides meat, sea food, and other protein source. Unlike livestock that pruduce methane, insecta (example grasshopper) is more eco-friendly. our concept can be added to various flour fickle food and doesn't change the taste and the texture of the food. as a protein resource, our concept is healthier than meat and flour protein content higher than shrimp, beef, chicken, and bacoon. In the dry state, per 100gr grasshoppers has 62,2% protein.

Business Case

We want to marketing and sells our product via online shop and open bazaar on each festival food events, and open stand in central city. Furthermore, our product can be sold in supermarkets and minimarkets in Indonesia, like hypermart, carrefour, giant, alfamart, indomaret, etc. We also want to join with companies engaged in food industry for larger production.


  1. We made IF as an effort for complying people nutrition needs.
  2. We made IF for utilizing insect as a protein sources.
  3. We made IF for reducing the impact of methane gas from livestock sector.

Team Agriyasa

Serang, Indonesia

Grasshopper / Published December 23, 2016 by Lia Dwi Saputri


Do you know grasshopper? yes, grasshopper is an insecta which be an enemy for farmer because grasshopper is a herbivor insect, so grasshopper has bad effect for the crops. but, do you know if grasshopper has benefits for our body?
Grasshopper containing with protein that is very high, can help provide nutritional intake on body. Not only that, grasshopper also containing with minerals like calcium , magnesium , potassium , sodium , phosphorus , iron , zinc , manganese and copper. Even, not just protein and minerals, grasshopper also contains various sorts of vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B , vitamin B1 , vitamin B2 , B3 , e and C, folic acid, and various kinds of fatty acids.
Based on research Kusmaryani (2005) said the grasshopper has levels of a protein higher than flour by the shrimp hindu, average 17,922 and 9,846 %.

Our Team

Our Mission

Insect flour for complying people protein nessecarry.

Our Background

Why we are participating this challenge because we want to channel our ideas to resolve food problem that may occur at 2050. United Nation (UN) estimate that livestock demand will increase 70%. Another protein sources like fish and soybean will get price spike. In another hand farm contribute greenhouse effect more than transport sector. Insect is highest population in the world about 50% creature in the world is insect. But many kind of insect are pest for plants. Beside that insect containing high protein, fat, mineral and vitamin. and insect have high durability in many situation and could eat various food, so insect is easy to cultivation. For these reason we make IF (insecta flour) for complying people protein nessecarry and to reduce insect adverse.

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