Solar Powered Mobile Vending Refrigerator

Agro-business;Preservation;Shelf-life;Food safety; Improved Incomes;Smallholders

To reduce post-harvest loses along the horticulture value chain through Solar Powered Bike Vending Refrigerators

Use Case

Ms. Matake is a farmer and street vendor who grows fresh fruits and vegetables for sale in the Central Business District and local suburbs. She used to carry a basket of fresh commodities on her head every day to sell along the streets on direct sunlight. Markets are not always good, so she lost many outputs daily which would have lost freshness. Now that she has the Solar Powered Mobile Vending Refrigerator which she rents to buy, she has increased mobility and her commodities have long shelf life, hygiene and freshness which attract more customers and increase her incomes. The product is cheap to maintain, harvests energy as she works and payment terms are favorable and clear. The refrigerator is detachable hence, usable indoors. It can be use in rural areas.


The product is environmentally friendly, recycles defunct refrigerators and bicycle scraps into a useful product for preserving foods, increasing freshness, hygiene and shelf life of fresh fruits, vegetables and other perishable agro-commodities. This reduces post-harvest losses and enhances global food security. It also encourage mobility of farmers and vendors as they market their outputs hence increasing incomes which then promote household food security. The concept integrates contemporary aspects i.e. sustainable energy, climate change and environmental management. It reduces the amount of food waste globally which is projected to be over 1 billion tons per year. It prevents food waste and indirectly reduce green house gases which cause climate change.

Business Case

We offer a cheap and affordable product at flexible payment terms. Our product increases user mobility and shelf life of your horticultural commodities while ensuring hygiene and freshness which gives the user a comparative advantage over their customers thereby increasing sales and incomes. Our targeted customers include agro-producers, vendors, farmer groups and vendor associations, who are also our partners. Households can also use the detachable refrigerator indoors. We accept cash, but also offer rent to buy services which allows us to generate revenue. We also offer repair services for a charge through our engineers. We use mobile texts, social media and word of mouth to reach to our customers.


  1. To reduce post-harvest loses along the horticulture value chain
  2. To improve food quality, freshness, shelf-life, safety and hygiene to protect the consumers
  3. To increase profitability and incomes among farmers and vendors through climate-smart and environmentally friendly technologies

Team Agro-commodities Marketing Solutions

Harare, Zimbabwe

Interior Architec / Published January 15, 2017 by Clive Shembe

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Our Team

Our Mission

Agro-commodities Marketing Solutions (AMS) comprise a team of innovative undergraduates and post graduate students whose main aim is to proffer innovations to Feed the 9 Billion People by 2050. The team believes that the existing challenges that the world faces today can only be addressed through next generations ideas and innovations and utilizing the available resources to promote change. AMS mainly focus on improving the markets and marking markets work for the poor smallholder producers and vendors along the value chain system through creating a conducive environment for business.Our objectives include; to use available resources to reduce food waste and post harvest loses; to improve food quality, freshness, shelf-life, safety and hygiene to protect the consumers; and to increase profitability and incomes among farmers and vendors through climate-smart and environmentally friendly technologies. We also believe that marketing is a critical aspect in enhancing global food security.

Our Background

Team AMS comprise of four ambitious young people who are determined to impact the global food space through market driven intervention strategies and innovations. These are as follows; Tawanda Allen Mandevhana (Bachelor of Science Degree in Food Science and Technology-Univeristy of Zimbabwe). He has vast knowledge and experience working as a rural transformation and participatory development practitioner; Fadzai Caroline Mupembe who has more than 6 years of professional experience in humanitarian work and inclusive rural micro finance working as a field facilitator for Village Savings and Lending’s (VS&L) in Zimbabwe. She is currently persuing a bachelors degree in Business Management with the Midlands State University; Clive Shembe (Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies Honours Degree-Midlands State University) and Colleen Tatenda Kali who has over 9 years of progressive professional experience working as an Accounts Clerk at Led Travel & Tours Pvt/Ltd. She holds certificates in Business Management, Business Communication, and Financial Accounting. She is currently studying for Southern Africa Association of Accountants (SAAA).

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