Agro Concerns


Our concept directly focuses on the farmers from the barren land to the supply to the market.We will deal with every farming problems.

Use Case

Prakash Poudel, a farmer from Nepal produces off-season vegetables.He told us that he had been suffering from many problems on his farming due to which he had been facing loss from his farming.Farming is most difficult and risky occupation in this world. There isn't any organization which gives the interest on farming. He had not been provided with quality seeds.The fertilizers he buy are also of low quality which do not decompose in time, reduces the productivity of his land. Sometimes market values are low earning less profit than expected. In one season, crops are destroyed by some unknown insects, reported that problem to the governmental organizations but they did not take it seriously. He is only one example of all the farmers who faces such problems on their farming.


There are a lot of farmers in the developing country who do not know scientific and commercial way of farming. They are unaware about what kind of crops to cultivate in their land so that the production is high, about the proper use of fertilizers, providing market to the cultivated crops. Because of these, many people quit farming and sell their land because of which our agricultural land is decreasing. With our aid, farmers will figure their problems, they will get motivated towards farming and work to produce enough crops.

Business Case

We will be focusing directly on the farmers on the grass root level. We will start a camp at particular sites where agriculture is the main occupation. We will provide experts who check the land and suggest the best ways to cultivate. We will spend on producing earthworms and saw dust as organic fertilizer and provide the farmers at affordable cost through agroshop. We will provide field visit through experts on how to nourish the crops. We will also supply the crops to the market of those farmers who face difficulty in supplying to market.


  1. We will make an organization which will deal all the problems of farmers regarding agriculture & reduce losses in agriculture.
  2. We will encourage people to use organic fertilizers like earthworm and sawdust,provide information to farmers through apps and websites.
  3. We will work to provide suitable market to the farmers who face difficulty in supplying goods to the market,mainly in developing nations.

Team Agro Concerns

Kathmandu, Nepal

Social Media / Published January 14, 2017 by Yuvraj Shrestha

Social Media

Growing on social Media :)

Flow Chart of Our Mission / Published January 14, 2017 by Yuvraj Shrestha

Flow Chart of Our Mission

This is the main idea of our mission. Our organization deals with all problems faced by farmers and have a solution of it.

Get social and Fan Club / Published January 14, 2017 by Tark Raj Giri

Get social and Fan Club

it is the link of our page #Agro_concerns. On the first day, we got 200+ likes and still counting...

#Field visit #farmland #growmore / Published January 4, 2017 by Tark Raj Giri

#Field visit #farmland #growmore

These are the photos during our visit to certain commercial agricultural lands and interaction with the farmers in Lalitpur, Nepal. We discussed on the problems and the possible solutions of those factors as well as their minimization.The woman shown above is Dhan Maya Magar who is a farmer by occupation who grows varieties of vegetables.

Our Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all the needs required for commercial farming through an organization named Agro Concerns. Our organization helps farmer to get all things required to farm effectively and scientifically. Our goal is to encourage farmer for commercial farming and reduce their loss risk significantly. This also helps to decrease the rate of reduction of cultivable lands. There are other government and private organization which works for the betterment of the farmer, but they don't cover all the field and some are also not effective in their own field. Agro Concerns will be the first private organization which is the solution of all problems regarding agriculture. If we started now, in 2050, our organization will help greatly for feeding 9 billion people.

Our Background

Our team is a team of four Mechanical Engineering students. We want to come up and lead front the front into the mission set by TFF. Our mission is to think seriously upon the issue of feeding 9 billion population by 2050 and act accordingly for the welfare and betterment of the humanity. It stands on the side of food security, food storage, maximum food production techniques,advancement and improvement made in this sector. Nepal is basically known as an agricultural nation. Scope of food production is huge, but lack of advancement in technology and proper guidance has made it limited and the production hasn’t taken pace yet. And these problems can be tackled if the motto of TFF is implemented here in Nepal as well. When Nepal can improve in this field, then definitely other countries can as well. As an ocean can be made up of millions of tiny drops, the aim of feeding 9 billion population 2050 can be accomplished. Though a country is a developing one, but ideas could be far advanced here in Nepal. So I decided to participate so that I could present my ideas on the issue raised by TFF and spread the theme of TFF throughout my country so that more and more ideas can come up.

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The information contained here represents student project ideas developed as the result of brainstorming activities during Round 1 of the TFF Challenge. It does not represent any final business plans or commercial products.