Our Team

  • Vikash Ranjan Sant Longowal Inst of Engineering And Tech, India

Our Mission

The team comprises of 5 members and a mentor for the development of project The names of team mates are Vikash Ranjan (Leader) Aditya Anand Khan Osaidur Raza Archit Gupta Mohammed Sakeel And the mentor is Dr. Dilip Kumar Associate Professor SLIET, Longowal The team name is AGROBUDDIES which stands for the people working for the well fare of the people in the field of agriculture.

Our Background

The team is complete and every one of the team is contributing their efforts in the successful completion of the project. All are involved in different parts of the work to be done for the project. The mentor is very supportive and he always motivate us to work sincerely and complete the project. We are participating in the challenge because we want to prove ourself that we can be the best and can contribute our opinion so as to help the mankind. The project is made to help the farmers grow more and more crops of better yield. The device will detect the amount of nutrients present in the soil and would tell what amount of manure and fertilizer should be given in an adequate amount so that the crops may not be harmed. This system will prevent the poor farmers from wasting their precious money on the manure and fertilizer. By this way the fertility of the soil will be retained and the plot of land will produce a large amount of crops or food stuffs. The device will the farmers what should be given in the field at specific time. It will surely do revolution in the production of crops. This is the way of proving ourselves through this challenge and making a useful device for the farmers.

Our Badges

  • Power Team
    Your team has at least three members
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    Attended at least one of the weekly TFF Design Lab “office hours” sessions.
  • We Famous
    Your project has been covered by your university or other media outlet
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    Posted three pictures of your team workspace
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    Posted three facts about global food issues learned in the Explore mode
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    Shared three new insights your team formulated in the Define mode
  • On Time, On Target
    Shared your Design Statement created during the Define mode
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    Shared pics of the chaos of the post-it filled Ideate work mode
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  • Expert Input
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  • Live Testing
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  • Way To Go
    Shared a picture of your plan for iterating your project
  • Etch-A-Sketch
    Shared your logo sketching session on your team blog
  • WE DID IT!!
    Submitted Final Pitch, including videos and concept details
The information contained here represents student project ideas developed as the result of brainstorming activities during Round 1 of the TFF Challenge. It does not represent any final business plans or commercial products.